Your Leadership Team

"At SterlingBridge, our entire staff is committed to helping your clients, by making it easier for you to take care of them. Our team cares deeply about helping you get your clients insured and subsequently instilling peace of mind. We bring a "We’re on it" attitude to everything we do."
-Brian Carroll (CEO)

"We take white-glove service to a whole new level. We’re there when you need us – running interference, solving for the unprecedented, cutting through the clutter, and always securing the exact coverage your client needs."
-Richard C. Nolin (Vice President, Business Development)

"SterlingBridge underwriters can determine which carrier will look most favorable based on your client’s risk profile.  Our strong carrier relationships give us negotiating power to advocate on your client’s behalf for the best result in medical and financial underwriting situations."
-Amy Gunderson (Vice President, Wealth Division)

"We believe success comes down to understanding the problem and executing the right strategy to solve the problem. Our team focuses first on listening, this allows us to discuss multiple solutions to discover the most appropriate solution that fits a client’s needs and expected outcome."
-Luke Thielen (Director, National Sales)

"We thrive on working in an industry that is constantly evolving with new products and new marketing concepts. Helping experienced industry professionals in the sales process by implementing new products and concepts, boost profitability, and make clients happy. That is what we do best."
-Jeffrey Dressel (Vice President, Sales)

"Our ability to understand and coordinate both the medical history and the product design aspects of a case, and present it in a simple and concise manner, is why brokers should work with us. We are on top of the ever-changing product arena and the underwriting niches of our core carriers."
-Victor Grieco (Vice President, Sales)

"We have deep knowledge of the ever-changing dynamics of today’s financial services portfolio. We are the skilled team that can help you with all aspects of product selection and key strategies that help you win."
-Andrew Yska (Vice President, Annuity Sales)

"As a people first company, we live and breathe insurance. Let our solid industry standing, intuitive tech, and industry experts, make it easy for you."
-Rebecca Sukharev (Director, Operations)

"We offer transparent histories on applicant data flow and seamless integration with top-notch carriers. We move data quickly, so your clients get covered and you get paid faster."
-Tabitha Lumpkins (Chief Technology Officer)

"We utilize our long-standing relationships with insurance companies to secure the best risk class possible for your clients. Our ability to assess a client’s medical history and suggest a possible risk class for multi-carrier illustrations, allows the producer to represent a more refined solution to their client’s insurance needs."
-Michelle Peterson (Director, Underwriting)

"Underwriting is a key differentiator. It is critical to be aware of potential hotspots and pitfalls. What is a major underwriting issue at one insurance company is not significant at another. We provide the underwriting secrets that will help you close that case."
-Ken Turscak (AIN Partner Chief Underwriter)

"There are pivotal moments in the insurance application process. Our team is approachable and skilled in the art of underwriting. We live to help you finish the sale and are driven to give you the best policy and support for your client in all types of unique circumstances and markets."
-Will Walker (AIN Partner Director of Member Underwriting Services)