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SterlingBridge runs on Pivot

The BGA in your pocket will change your game.

  • Mobile
  • Agile
  • Powerful
  • Secure
  • Full-Service

Digital access to everything you need

Our dashboard puts you in the driver's seat. You can build a new customer, following our digital roadmap touchpoint by touchpoint. Get your requests answered seamlessly, digitally. And have all the documentation and support you need, always on, always ready for your next sale.

Top products
Top products

Top products, top insurers

Choose from leading insurance products from more than a dozen leading insurance companies - names you and your clients trust, for policies that put you in the best light.

Digital assistant
Digital assistant

Digital assistant

Pivot puts a case designer in your pocket - your very own virtual quote assistant who can create competitive proposals and product comparisons on the fly.

Sale support
Sale support

Drop Tickets - Apps at your command

Talk to us through the app! Our friendly team of experts offers top-notch medical and legal insight, estate planning, split dollar guidance and a wealth of experience for every situation.

Digital file cabinet
Digital file cabinet

Digital file cabinet

All your current files, digitally organized, are at your fingertips - including underwriting updates and notes, sales reports, product placement reports, YTD tracking vs goal, needs analysis calculators and more.

Secure archive in our cloud vault
Secure archive in our cloud vault

Secure archive in our cloud vault

We subscribe to SSL, SSO and Encryption protections for the protection of personal info submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it.


Who needs paper?

Put your entire business on your device


Quick quotes for fast results

Rate shopping for clients with medical and Rx conditions can now be rapid, comprehensive and virtually painless. Isn't it about time?


Drop ticket like it's hot

Enjoy paperless "no touch" teleapp processing for your Term Life drop tickets.


Clear views on each client

Reviewing a client's underwriting is a snap. Pivot lays all the details out for you so it's easy to recall and act upon.


Take it to the max

As a SterlingBridge broker, you get the maximum street commission rates allowable by insurance companies. That's the SterlingBridge way.

Build Your Business with Pivot Hierarchies

Pivot to profit! Pivot lets you ladder up your brokerage however you choose. Easily create downlines of brokers, earning valuable commission overrides on their paid premiums. All the while, you get full reporting on what's going on underneath.

Pivot can accommodate three different levels:



Add one broker at a time. Build your team!

Existing downline


Add cross-selling of life insurance to an existing group of dozens or even hundreds of brokers.



Add easy life insurance selling tools and back-office skills to your bank or financial advisory firm, secure on knowing that Pivot's built to handle suitability order entry, branch locations, and commission management.

"We got this" means exactly that

Our expert staff is experienced, smart, well-trained, creative... and stands ready to deliver an exceptional experience you can count on, every time.

Why Use Pivot?

Here's why your business works better with our business at your back.


Do more for less

from prospect to policy


Go digital

accessing better tools


Be securely compliant

all the time


Spend less

on insurance software


Save time

every time


Pivot is a digital service provided by:

Sterling Bridge Insurance Agency, Inc.

38 Austin Street

Worcester, MA 01609-2420

For any questions, please call Richard Nolin, Vice President of Business Development at: 508-770-0228

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