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Message from SterlingBridge CEO, Brian K. Carroll

Looking for insurance sales support? Welcome to SterlingBridge™…

We’re a Digital BGA where human meets digital. We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us. We’re excited to share our insurance expertise and see what our innovative Pivot digital platform can do for you. We look forward to getting to know more about you and your clients in the process.

From landing a first job, to getting married, having a baby, buying a home, sending kids to college, preparing for retirement, and even caring for an aged loved one - life is full of special moments that in which we encounter a real change. These life moments come at pivotal times in our client’s lives. Our mission at SterlingBridge is to help ease the stress of these ‘pivotal moments’ on your clients, so they can enjoy life to the fullest.

How can we do this? First, the human side. At SterlingBridge, our entire staff is committed to helping your clients by making it easier to take care of the customers who depend on your advice. Insurance is not the easiest transaction, but that’s why we are here. Our team cares about helping you get your clients insured. We bring a "we got this" attitude, because we can. The SterlingBridge Team comes into work each day with an eagerness to apply what they know about insurance for you. Our expertise can help you compare rates and carriers…and more importantly, get your application through underwriting so your client gets a policy. And you get paid.

There are pivotal moments in the insurance application process too. We take a "white-glove" approach to case management, so that you are informed and able to meet your client obligations head-on. Our team is also approachable and skilled in the art of underwriting. We want to help you finish the sale and are driven to give you the best policy and support for your client - in whatever high-net-worth, or middle market you are currently working in. It’s all part of caring, doing and thriving - and our SterlingBridge Team wants that for your client. Leave it to us… "We Got This".

Next, let’s talk about digital insurance. It’s what we like to do. As you join our broker network, we hope you learn about the latest tools to help you quote, present, submit, track and deliver the very best choice of insurance policies in today’s digital market. Because how you protect those clients who depend on you can make a difference. No extra fees. Just straight street commissions from us here at SterlingBridge. Honest value.

With our Pivot™ tool, you can even connect with a SterlingBridge Team member while "on the go". Use the Pivot Insurance mobile app available on the Apple and Google Play Android app stores. Since "Life’s pivotal moments" are such a big part of our job in insurance, we want you to have a "BGA in your pocket"… so you’re always ready to sell new business.

"Life’s pivotal moments" connect us to each other, and the SterlingBridge Team can help you connect with an insurance policy that will provide for your client’s needs when they can’t.

Give SterlingBridge a try, and we’ll welcome you into our network! You’ll realize how easy insurance can be.

Just email us, at info@pivot.com or call 1-800-416-7764.

Sincerely, Brian K. Carroll